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Wreck fishing in the Bristol Channel

Wreck Fishing off the coast of South Wales and North Devon. The Bristol Channel has a large number or wrecks of varying sizes.

Wreck fishing is always associated with the English Channel and West Wales for pollack; cod, ling and coalfish, or maybe the Northeast off Whitby for big cod and ling. The Bristol Channel wrecking has always been the runner-up in the wrecking scene, maybe its because the inshore fishing is so good that wreck fishing is ignored, but the fact is that there are some good wreck fish to be caught.

There are wrecks lying out to the southwest beyond the 20-mile mark, these are out in the clearer water away from the suspended silt influence of the Severn Estuary.

The wrecks can only be fished on small neap tides to as anything more and the tide will run too fast.

The best time to visit these wrecks is from from June to late September when the weather is settled and water clearer, pollack are the main fish, although they don't run as big as other areas, a good fish here is a 9lber, but fish to over 14lbs are taken.


Wreck at the bottom of the Bristol Channel


Wreck Fishing for Pollack Bristol Channel
Wreck Fishing for Pollack Bristol Channel

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