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Bristol Channel Fishing Tackle

Due to the ferocity of the tides in the Bristol Channel uptiding is preferred with 6 to 10oz leads anything lighter may have difficulty coping with the pull of the strong tide, using a multiplier loaded with between 18lb and 25lb line, preferably braid. If you do use a shockleader then use 60lb line but keep it short. Most anglers choose the heavier line because big fish will have to be bullied back against the tidal current.

Downtiding requires much heavier leads to hold bottom, ranging from 12 to 18oz depending on tidal conditions with a 30lb class rod and reel. The downtide method can be even more effective than uptiding for catching the bigger cod by trotting (bouncing back) a big bait well downtide of the boat.

For both uptide and downtide fishing most local anglers tend to fish only a two hook pennel rig for cod and rays. The pennel rig is used when you wish to present a large bait such as a whole squid or mackerel fillet which would bunch up around the hook bend if a single hook was used. Decent sized Cod and Bass like large baits and this rig presents the bait more naturaly. Hook lengths need to be between 2 to 4ft.


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