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Ling (Molva Molva)

A member of the cod family, but the ling has a considerably longer and slimmer shape to the body. The characteristic single feeler barbel is there on the chin like the cod. Ling have two dorsal fins, the first rounded and short based, but the secondary main dorsal is long and flat topped. The anal fin is similar in shape to the secondary dorsal but is less long ending short of the vent. The tail fin is also rounded. Ling have a medium sized eye and slim profiled head. The top and bottom jaws are equal, but the mouth is armed with needle shaped teeth designed to grab and hold passing prey.

Wreck ling from deep water are a mix of mid brown, grey and even dark green with a mottled mixing of the colours, especially on the back. The belly is stark white, but grey on larger fish. The edges of fins have a white lining along them.

Ling up to around 15lb prefer very rough rocky ground over medium to deep water reefs, especially abundant where tide races are created such as in the vicinity of islands and in narrow sounds between islands and the mainland. Larger Ling are found on offshore wrecks laying in very deep water.

Ling will take whiting, pouting, codling, coalfish, gurnads and smaller ling and pollack. Reef dwelling Ling will also eat big crabs and other crustaceans when abundant.

Welsh Ling RecordBoat 31-07-00 Jan 1980 Amlwch J Peate from Telford
British Ling Record59 08 00 J Webster Bridlington, Yorks 1989
Ling Fishing SeasonMarch to June

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Bristol Channel Ling
Bristol Channel Ling
Bristol Channel Ling

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