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Coalfish - Pollachius virens

The Coalfish, or more commonly known as Coalies is a common fish around British coasts and is a member of the Cod family. Coalies are very similar to the Pollack, with it's three rounded dorsal fins and two anal fins. The lower jaw is approximately equal to the upper jaw, although it may extend marginally further in larger specimens. Compared to the Cod the chin barbel is very small and not even noticeable on larger Coalies. The eyes are small in comparison to the overall head dimensions. The back is a darkish olive green, to brownish green or blue, that contrasts with the silvery grey / white of the sides and belly.

Coalfish are a mid-water feeder with diet mainly consisting of crustaceans and small fish when young, with a fish dominated diet, consisting of Sandeel and Herring. Big Coalfish tend to be found in small shoals in deep water over rocks and wrecks.

Welsh Coalfish RecordWelsh Boat record is 17lb 8oz March 1982 Amllwch by S Watson
British Coalfish Record37 05 00 D Brown Wreck S of Eddystone 1986
Coalfish fishing seasonMay to September









Coalie - Dave Bobbet

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