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Pollack fishing in the Bristol Channel (Pollachius pollachius)

The Pollack is a member of the cod family and is very similar in looks to the coalfish, with their dark brown backs, golden silvery sides and white bellies, it is the extending lower jaw and lack of the small chin barbell on the Pollock that distinguishes it from Coalie.

The Pollack is an ambush predator and prefers the cover of reefs, rock pinnacles and wrecks to ambush its prey. Small Pollack are found in inshore waters, but big Pollack move out and live in the offshore reefs and wrecks. Pollack mainly feed on small fish but will also feed on worms, so prefered baits include lugworm, ragworm and fish strips.

Pollock start spawning in early spring in deep water, after fertilisation they float near the surface until they hatch and are carried inshore by the current, were here they live in the cover of reefs and rocks before returning to the deeper waters.

Pollack of over 10lb are frequently caught from wreck marks around the Welsh coast.

Welsh Pollack RecordThe Welsh rod caught record weighed 22lb and was caught by J Doyle from a boat in Cardigan Bay in August 1991.
British Pollack Record29 04 00 W. S. Mayes off Dungeness, Kent 1987
Pollack Fishing SeasonMay to September

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