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Bristol Channel Bait

The most popular bait for fishing the Bristol Channel is worm and squid cocktail, big lug or king rag baits, squid works well both as a tipping bait, or whole for the bigger Cod and Bass.

Ragworm is the most available and most used worm, this bait will take most species, nearly always tipped with tipped with other baits to make up a cocktail.

Lugworm, two types: the blow lug (brown) and black lug (bigger, darker in colour). Black Lug is preferred for the Winter Cod especially. Usually tipped with another bait to make it more appealing.

Squid is used as a tipping bait for Rag and Lug worm and is used whole on a pennel rig for Cod and Bass in particular.

Sandeel are good bait for Bass and deadly for most of the Ray species.

Peeler Crab are used especially for Bass and Smoothound.


Due to the silty waters of the Bristol Channel, whichever bait you use must have as much scent coming from it as possible, the fast flowing tides will wash out the bait of all its appeal quite quickly !

Edible and shore peeler crab is preferred for Bass and Smoothound over rough ground.

Conger like a small pout or whiting.

Most importantly is the scent in the silty waters, especially in Winter !



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