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Bristol Channel Tides

The Bristol Channel has the second biggest tides in the world, only the Bay of Fundy in Canada has larger, so this tells you that even the neaps run at a fair pace making it a great area to fish.

Tidal currents are strongest and often fish the best on the spring tides. The water is deepest at high water spring tides and shallowest at low Water spring tides

Fish will be caught on all tides but usually better on the bigger tides.

East of Lavernock Point and Sand Point is the Severn Estuary with its fast moving waters which never clear and always carry silt making the water permanently coloured, however as you venture west especially during neap tides it amazing how quick the waters clear.

The moon is the primary source of the gravitational forces which cause the tides, the proximity of the moon in relation to the earth does have an effect on the range of the tides at any given time. In each of its 28-day elliptical orbits, the moon reaches a "perigee," its closest point of approach to the earth. During these periods, there will be a slight increase in the average range of tides. The increases in the range of the tides is seen by a slightly higher than average high tide, as well as a slightly lower than average low tide. Additionally, twice each month, around the times of the new moon and full moon, when the earth, sun, and moon are nearly in line, there is an increase in the average range of the tides. These are called "spring tides." Three or four times a year, the occurrence of a new or full moon will coincide with the "perigee" of the moon, which is known as the "perigean spring tides".

Tidal Ranges increase and decrease twice every 28 days, as the moon waxes and wanes.
Full moon - Spring Tides
Half moon - Neap Tides
New moon - Spring Tides
Half moon - Neap Tides




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