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Bull Huss fishing in the Bristol Channel (Scyliorhinus stellaris)

The Bull Huss or simply as Huss can be encountered all around the coast of Wales.

A member of the shark family provides exciting fishing and prefers deep water over 60ft over rocky seabeds and broken ground where the mottled appearance of the fish blends into the background. The upper and underside of the body is pale or dark brown and appears to be mottled, as is covered with a series of small and large black (sometimes white) spots and the under side tends to be paler in colour.

The Bull Huss diet consists mainly of molluscs, crustaceans and small flatfish.

Bull huss mate in the autumn and the females lay their eggs in shallow water close to shore. When the Bull Huss hatches almost 8 months later they are miniatures of the adults and begin feeding almost immediately. They form large schools in shallow water in the summer months.

Welsh Bullhuss RecordThe Welsh rod-caught record bull huss weighed 20 lb 8 oz and was caught off Aberystwyth.
British Bullhuss RecordUK boat record is 22lb 4oz M L Hall Minehead, Somerset 1986
Bullhuss SeasonSeason is March to October
Bullhuss TackleTackle

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Bull Huss
Bull Huss
Bull Huss

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