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Shark fishing in the Bristol Channel

Anchorman Charters will be providing Blue Shark Fishing trips during August and September 2010.

The main target is blue sharks but probeagles are also a possibility. As these larger sharks are pelagic, we head out to deeper waters offshore.

Come and catch the ultimate sea predator the blue shark on the new Anchorman’s Blyth Catamaran 33ft long and a massive 16ft beam.

Last year we boarded blue sharks up to 168lb with many under. There are bigger sharks out there, so for the fight of your life where other anglers have broke down, see if you can catch the ultimate blue shark, but bigger.

Bookings now being taken for 2010 – limited dates only so book early.

To save time steaming offshore, our shark fishing trips depart from the port of Ilfracombe.

Anchorman Charters operates a strict catch and release program on the shark fishing, so that every shark we catch has its picture taken and is released as soon as possible, giving the fish the best chance of all to go on to fight another day. All hooks are barbless.

Please see our Photo Gallery for more photos of sharks.

We are the only charter boat fishing for sharks out of the port of Ilfracombe.

Earlier in the season we also provide fishing trips from the port of Barry targetting tope, just to get you warmed up for the bigger sharks.

Please find information below about reels that are suitable for shark fishing.

Shimano TLD

Shimano TLD 25

The TLD 20 and 25 are perfect for shark fishing in deep water where its durability and capacity is required. Two speed versions are also available.

Model Number Weight (g) Ball Bearings Line Capacity (lb/yds) Gear Ratio
TLD20 670 4 ARB 20-700/30-450/40-330 3,6:1
TLD25 695 4 ARB 30-600/40-450/50-350 3,6:1

Shimano Tyrnos

Shimano Tyrnos

Tyrnos features a gear ratio of 5.0:1 and is built for power thanks to its 4 A-RB bearings, oversized gears, die-cast machined aluminium handle and ergonomic rubber power grip. The Tyrnos is ideal for big game fishing. Two speed versions are also available.

Model Number Weight (g) Ball Bearings Line Capacity (lb/yds) Gear Ratio
TYR20 1021 4 ARB 20-700/30-450/40-330 5,0:1
TYR30 1080 4 ARB 30-600/40-450/50-350 5,0:1

Shimano Tekota

Shimano Tekota

The tekota comes with level line, within these metal frame reels, a multi disc star drag system can be adjusted in every position required. Gears are assisted by 3 A-RB ball bearings plus a roller bearing.

Model Number Weight (g) Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Line Capacity (lb/yds) Gear Ratio
TEK700 815 3 ARB 1 30-350 4,2:1
TEK800 845 3 ARB 1 30-450 4,2:1

Shimano Tiagra

Shimano Tiagra

Since its introduction over ten years ago Tiagra has become a worldwide market leader. It is the solid construction in combination with easy to use features that is so loved by even the most demanding fishermen. Amongst its many features it boasts a one piece machined Aluminium frame, cold forged aluminium spool, A-RB ball bearings, 2-speed gears, Twin Disk Drag system (on 16 & 130 size), new designed Septon grip and much, much more. Tiagra is a reel built to comfortably cope with the biggest fish on earth, and to release them after the catch with a smile. Obviously Tiagra is the perfect choice for the ever increasing number of British anglers who travel the globe in search of the very best rod and line action, while closer to home Tiagra is undoubtedly the finest big conger, shark and skate reel available for those anglers who fish around the UK.

Model Number Weight (g) Ball Bearings Line Capacity (lb/yds) Gear Ratio
TI30A 1486 4 ARB 30-700/50-420 3,9:1 /1:1,7
TI30WLRSA 1576 4 ARB 30-935/50-570 3,9:1 /1:1,7
TI50A 2364 4 ARB 50-600 3,1:1 /1:1,3


Shimano Torsa

Shimano Torsa

Torsa can be summed up as speed, power, durability and castability. When developing the Torsa Shimano engineers succeeded in designing different types of drag cams, which can be put on the reel to create different drag curves. This system looks set to revolutionise the way we play fish, especially on light, sporting tackle. Eight drag cams are available, all with very different characteristics. The extremely strong frame and spool are created by using diff erent techniques; cold forging and machining of the finest kinds of aluminium, while the High Efficiency Gears are the biggest Shimano have ever designed for fishing tackle. The gears are housed in a low-based gearbox, creating an excellent balance that offers you more control. In size Torsa is a small reel that in reality can cope with really big fish.

Model Number Weight (g) Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Line Capacity (lb/yds) Gear Ratio
TS20 856 8 ARB 1 20-420/25-300 5,8:1
TS30 882 8 ARB 1 25-420/30-350 5,8:1
Blue Shark
Blue Shark
Blue Shark

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