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Tope fishing in the Bristol Channel, Galeorhinus galeus

The Tope is a member of the shark family and can grow to over 50 lb in weight. They are a popular sporting quarry around the coast of Wales, and they often come very close in during the summer months. Upper body Grey to brown, under side white.

Tope eat mainly fish, and pout and whiting feature high up on their menu. Squid and crab are also effective fishing baits to use.

Tope are live bearing with usuall around 30 pups at 35cm at birth. Females mature between 130-185cm when approximately 11 years old.

Found between depths of 5-450m, both a coastal and offshore species, although known to come within the surf-line. Mostly a bottom and mid-water schooling shark. During the summer months they tend to come closer inshore.

Welsh Tope RecordThe Welsh rod-caught tope record stands at 79 lb caught off Holyhead by A Meli 2005.
British Tope Recordthe UK record is 82lb 8oz R Chatford Bradwell on Sea, Essex 1991.
Tope Fishing SeasonJune to Sept

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